Irresistible Consulting Moments

How to Capitalize on Your Consulting Talents

One of the huge perks of independent consulting is that you can operate from anywhere. Even if you’re steering a sizable boutique, it’s fairly easy to jaunt off to Italy or India or Indiana for a month. The indisputably best location for you has nothing to do with geography, though. It’s a place I call Genius Heights. Trust me, you want to go there. […]

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Lost a Consulting Gig? Here’s the Real Reason Why

You’d love to boast of 100% close rates—every one of your consulting firm’s prospects signs a contract for a lucrative consulting project. Alas, you and I both know that some great consulting opportunities have slipped away. Think about a recent project that didn’t come through for your consulting firm. Let’s call it Project X. Did you do something wrong? […]

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Does Being Obnoxious Pay Off in Consulting?

Rudeness, discourtesy, and aggressively insulting behavior hog the limelight these days. Often these traits are flaunted by people who have reached the pinnacle of the public and corporate spheres. Do we see this in consulting? What can we learn from it and how should we, as leaders of consulting firms act? […]

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Exactly When to Travel to Win Consulting Projects

Jay James, CEO of Big JJ, Inc. emails you about a potential consulting project he’d like your consulting firm to handle. At the end of your follow-up call with Jay, he suggests you meet with him and his senior team in person to discuss the consulting opportunity. Reaching Big JJ takes a solid half day of travel. Should you go? […]

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7 Essential Rules for Consultants’ Emails

Quick quiz! Which of the following is more useful: reading about how consultants should write emails, or listening to a flight attendant instruct you in buckling a seat belt. You’ve practiced both activities roughly a jillion times. But even if you’re strapped in tight, chances are your emails need some help. Consultants mess up emails all the time and, as a result, dampen their odds of winning business and delighting clients. […]

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