Irresistible Consulting Moments

10 Endless Sources of Inspiration for Your Articles, Blogs, and Speeches

The third most common question I’m asked by consultants of all stripes from all types of firms is, “Where do you get the ideas for your articles week after week?” I keep hoping that will be followed up with, “May I donate a new Tesla to your collection?” but no one’s popped that question. Yet. While I’m waiting, let’s talk about where you can find inspiration for your content. […]

By | February 22nd, 2017|10 Comments

The Answers to Two Persistent Consulting Questions

Jesper (actual name of the consultant) tried for ages to land a project with Astra Zeneca (actual name of client; a.k.a. AZ). His firm had a history of work with AZ, particularly in North America; however, they had never been able to win a consulting engagement in Europe (actual names of continents). Last week, after eight months of effort, Jesper closed a project with AZ Europe. How? […]

By | February 1st, 2017|7 Comments

A Reliable Method to Find the REAL Decision Maker for Consulting Projects

Huckleberry (a.k.a. Huck), the Assistant Deputy Vice President of FruitSpread, Co. asks whether you can help him out of a jam. “Yes I can,” you reply, already tasting a sweet new consulting project. The discovery process with Huck is smooth, and you anticipate this will be a plum engagement. You submit an irresistible proposal (which includes the seeds of future projects) and all that’s left is to seal the deal. Surprisingly, Huck misses the call you scheduled to address any sticking points on the proposal. He also doesn’t respond to [...]

By | January 18th, 2017|6 Comments

Two Case Studies in Winning Consulting Business. Connect the Dots.

Two case studies reported to me by consultants in the past couple of weeks: Rich, in South Carolina, nabbed a $64,000 project from a state agency. To win the project, he submitted a proposal that was easily accepted because he was the only consultant bidding. The proposal built on three phone calls between Rich and the agency’s Grand Poobah. The first phone call consisted of Rich following up on an introduction made by one of his colleagues at his boutique firm. [...]

By | January 11th, 2017|4 Comments

Process vs. Results. Which Focus Grows Consulting Firms?

Consultants tend to sell (and believe in) rigorous processes. However, successful entrepreneurs are known to eschew process and doggedly chase results. Uh oh, what does that mean for us independent consultants? Especially when it comes to business development, should we be devoted to the process or the results? […]

By | January 4th, 2017|6 Comments

The 11-Point End-of-Project Checklist

As the final moments of the year tick down, you cast your gaze ’round the revelers gathered nearby (or perhaps at the intrepid-yet-nuts throngs televised from Times Square). Wide-eyed, overtired children and adults in various states of inebriation mumble the words to Auld Lang Syne, a song no one actually knows or understands. […]

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