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The Ultimate Choice for Consultants

In the U.S.A.’s extraordinary election cycle, each and every citizen made a critically important choice (including those who chose not to vote). Hours later, individual voters learned whether they had "won" or "lost." As a consultant, you should reverse that order. After you win or lose you have a critical choice to make. In the course of pursuing new business, sometimes you’re going to win projects and sometimes you’re not. You have the same choice to make whether you close the deal or it slips away: Will you learn from the [...]

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How Narcissists Steal Your Consulting Business (and What You Need to Learn)

Narcissists. They attract admirers like trick-or-treaters to chocolate. Countless throngs buy their offerings—metaphorically or literally. As consultants, we don’t want to be narcissists; yet, narcissistic competitors can eat your consulting business alive. Narcissistic personalities have been very visible as of late. Many may be what Michael Maccoby calls “productive narcissists,” whose aggressive energy, engaging charm, and relentless self-importance power impressive business success. Why do they succeed? Studies show that people in turmoil or facing uncertainty are especially likely to follow a strong leader who promises easy, pain-free passage to [...]

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Consultants: Are You Ever Stuck? Getting in Motion. Staying in Motion.

Consultants who must be in action to win business, deliver value, and build a thriving firm, often find themselves stuck. Stopped. Zippo progress. Has that ever happened to you? If so, read on. If you ever find yourself at a standstill, you may be feeling overwhelmed or uninspired. Worse, even when your enthusiasm burns bright for your highest priorities, you may find yourself procrastinating. The real problem? The wrong person is in charge. In terms of your actions, you’re always in the driver’s seat; however, when you’re feeling as stuck as [...]

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The First Rule of Successful Consulting

Consultants have much to learn from the words of a Harvard medical professor who was addressing his students in 1926. In fact, you might even call if the first rule of successful consulting. Dr. Francis W. Peabody taught before doctors had antibiotics to combat bacterial illnesses (and give rise to superbugs), before hospitals bristled with technology (and a three-day stay cost more than a small house), and before chocolate was known to stave off depression (I have nothing bad to say about chocolate). Anyway, Dr. Peabody saw that the aim [...]

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The 5 Ways to Become Wealthy in Consulting

If you want your consulting practice to be more lucrative*, there are five paths to achieve that goal. Or, said otherwise, there are five possible bottlenecks holding you back. If you can identify and break open your current bottleneck, you’ll advance to the next level of financial freedom. […]

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Four Mistakes You Must Make to Win Consulting Business

It turns out that, as a consultant, committing certain errors isn’t just acceptable, it’s practically mandatory if you want to build your consulting business. Before I became a published author, I worked on a book about the top challenges facing CEOs. It never made it to the bookshelves. Neither did my very first book: “My Dads a Dinasore.” The only difference being that the 250-page CEO book took three years to research and draft, whereas the other I wrote when I was three years old with six pieces of construction paper [...]

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How to Travel Less & Earn More Consulting Revenue

Some consultants love to travel for their consulting projects. Me, I’m not a big fan. I prefer to be with my family, sleep in my own bed, eat healthy, home-cooked meals, and work in my gym clothes. Besides, when I’m on the road, there’s less time for marketing and business development, and I can’t play old-man hockey at the local rink. But how do you build a booming, lucrative consulting practice while staying cozily ensconced in your home office? On a typical, six-figure project I will spend roughly four or [...]

By | September 7th, 2016|4 Comments
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