Irresistible Consulting Moments

Achieve Consulting Firm Supergrowth: Pick the Right 1 out of 3

You’re undoubtedly familiar with the classic triangle of trade-offs: “There’s Faster, Better, and Cheaper. Choose any two out of the three.” For consulting firms, one point on the triangle of trade-offs can drive enormous business gains. Which one? You may be surprised at which point on the triangle maximizes your consulting firm’s revenue. […]

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3 Steps to Win Consulting Projects Even When Circumstances Change

You’re a happy camper. Why? Because you’re (hypothetically) on the brink of signing a doozy of a consulting project with PlumCo. Then, outta nowhere, PlumCo’s sales nosedive and your buyer informs you, “Sorry. We can’t do anything right now – all discretionary spending has been cut.” Apparently you’re discretionary. Now what? […]

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3 Steps to Building Trust in Your Firm (and You)

Trust is important for falling backwards into crowds, eating any food your grandfather prepares and winning consulting projects. No news there. But how important is a client’s trust in your consulting firm as opposed to trust in you as an individual consultant? Very. This is true for large consulting firms and, surprisingly, it’s true for small consulting firms and solo consultants too. […]

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