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How Long Should You Wait Before Contacting a Consulting Prospect Again?

A client asked me the following question about outreach:

Let’s say I reach out to Sally and she doesn’t respond, how long should I wait before reaching out again? What if we have a conversation and it doesn’t lead anywhere; then how long should I wait before contacting her again?

My reply to the consultant was:

This depends a lot on the strength of your relationship to begin with. It also depends on how many contacts you have!

As a general rule of thumb if Sally is a strong relationship but doesn’t call back, I wait a week. If there’s still no contact then I schedule for a month out, then the next quarter. If Sally is a “B” relationship I jump right to the month delay.

If Sally and I have a conversation, I always schedule the next date to connect—that I don’t have to wonder when to call next. Usually 3-6 months is a good cadence.

Do you have a rule of thumb you follow for outreach? Please post your thoughts and experience below.


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  1. Diana
    January 27, 2016 at 11:10 am Reply

    David, I noticed that your posts that don’t appear in my inbox also don’t have any comments from readers. Is it possible your mail service is hiccuping?

    • David A. Fields
      January 27, 2016 at 3:37 pm Reply

      Diana, you have discovered the secret, hidden value on my website. Seriously, I don’t notify my followers about the Q&A posts like this one, but there are plenty on the site to look through for those who want to peruse the content. At some point I’ll have a “categories” feature that will make it easier to access.

      Also, I post virtually all of these Q&As on LinkedIn’s Solo Consultants Network, where we frequently have discussions about the Q&As and other topics.

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