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3 Steps to Generate Leads for Your Consulting Firm from Content Marketing

Your outstanding content demonstrates to readers, listeners and viewers that your consulting firm houses the knowledge, talent and expertise to solve your client’s thorniest challenges.

However, you may be missing a hidden route to surfacing leads for your consulting firm via digital content. Below is a key distinction and three steps to maximize the lead-generating impact of digital content for your consulting firm.

In content marketing, you and your consulting firm are typically the stars of the show, and you’re rocking out your articles, ebooks, podcasts, videos and other digital content to your fans in the stands.

Then you hope that your clever use of calls to action, diagnostics, lead magnets and other engagement devices will compel the fans—your readers, viewers and listeners, to interact with your consulting firm.

You modestly presume that consumers of your content will join your loyal fan base by subscribing; you fervently anticipate that some will reach out to your consulting firm to become clients.

As you pack more and more followers into the arena, you up the odds that your content will inspire someone to contact your consulting firm. (Side note: leverage partners to increase the exposure to your content.)

However, there’s another, more powerful spot for prospects than amongst the cheering throngs: in your “band,” collaboratively creating your digital content.

When your consulting firm is creating digital content, “the band” consists of anyone you pull into the limelight, such as your panelists during a webinar, the experts you cite in an article, and your guests on a podcast or video.

While you can obviously fit a lot more folks in the stands than you can in the band, your relationship is stronger with the precious few you invite on stage.

The difference is stark: with fans, you blast out your content then hope for results. However, with the band, you can follow a reliable, three-step process to convert prospects into leads:

3 Steps to Generate Leads from Content Marketing

Step 1: Collaboratively Create Content

Every time you ask a prospect to join the band, even for just one song, you’re creating a new superfan who will think of your consulting firm fondly for years.

Offer your consulting firm’s prospects a chance to shine in your digital content. Interview them, seat them on a panel, cite them or feature their work.

For example, maybe your podcast attracts hordes of listeners, or maybe just a few; either way, if you were to interview one new prospect every day for your show (i.e., one guest band member every day), you’ll have created strong, personal bonds with a couple of hundred prospects for your consulting firm in just a year.

Step 2: Refocus from Then to Now

When you ask a prospect to contribute their wisdom to your consulting firm’s digital content, your prospect relies on past events and expertise gathered over time. Prospects will regale your audience with anecdotes, stories and lessons learned from memorable experiences.

However, the past is the wrong context if you want to discuss a new, potential consulting project. You need to be in a conversation about your prospect’s current problems and dreams for the future.

Therefore, after you complete Step 1 (i.e., after you’ve worked with them on your content) reorient your prospect with a simple question:

“I’m curious—how does what we’ve been talking about relate to your company’s current, most pressing issues?”

Step 3: The Turn

If your prospect surfaces a current issue that your consulting firm can help address, you know what that means: it’s time to use The Turn.

The Turn, which is explained in depth in this book, and covered briefly in this article, elegantly shifts your conversation from “Thanks for playing in the band, dude” to “Hey, you could hire us to make your company sound groovier.”

How have you involved your prospects in digital content creation? Share your experience, please!

  1. Rick Denton
    March 31, 2021 at 9:28 am Reply

    Oh this could NOT have been timed better! I’m launching a podcast (CX Passport) next Tuesday (promo teasers on LinkedIn this week). I’ve already found that my guests have been, and potential guests seem to be, much more willing to join me on a podcast where I help amplify their stories and their experiences than if I said the cliché “let’s meet for coffee sometime”.
    However, your blog today gives me an additional arrow for the podcast quiver…”Refocus from Then to Now”. Absolutely love this point and am eager to start applying it to future recordings!

    • David A. Fields
      March 31, 2021 at 9:45 am Reply

      Congratulations on the new podcast, Rick! It sounds like you’re already experiencing success with it. And, the “Then to Now” refocus was the original purpose of this article… somehow I let it get buried. Good on you for highlight that central point.
      Let me know how the podcast goes for you.

      • Rick Denton
        March 31, 2021 at 10:01 am Reply

        Will do…and if you happen to take a listen next Tuesday, I welcome the feedback!

  2. Laurie Kretchmar
    April 5, 2021 at 5:34 pm Reply

    David, Excellent tips to cultivate prospects and get them “into your band.” Thanks to Endre for shining a spotlight about this blog post. Tip to content creators / consultants: Be sure to promote your events (podcast, Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces discussion, book debut, actual band performance) before, during and after the events. There are many opportunities to stand out.

    • David A. Fields
      April 7, 2021 at 8:22 am Reply

      Well said, Laurie. Publicizing your content is an important step in maximizing the value of it for your consulting firm. I’m glad you highlighted that for other readers, Laurie!

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