I work with small consulting firms across the globe that are eager to accelerate growth, increase profit and create lifestyle-friendly practices.


After nine years in marketing for GlaxoSmithKline, I jumped into consulting with a boutique firm, where I rose to partner. I then co-founded Ascendant Consulting and focused the practice on helping large corporations enter new markets.

Soon thereafter, I created a “general contractor” model in which my role was to win engagements, ensure quality and manage relationships, while subcontracting the lion’s share of the subject-matter expert work.

That transition sparked a deep, ongoing study of how to construct and sell consulting projects for maximum value.

For the record, I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon. (Go plaid!) I’m a hockey fanatic and eat egregious amounts of chocolate.

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1988 - Started with GlaxoSmithKline

David’s 30+ years of marketing and sales experience are now focused on growing consulting firms like yours.


1997 - Joined Meridian Consulting Group

David offers you insights from 20+ years in consulting, with first-hand experience building many, successful, lucrative boutique firms.


2005 - Founded Ascendant Consulting, Ascendant Consortium.

David founded and built a successful boutique firm from the ground up. In addition, his unique, “general contractor” model created an unparalleled perspective on how clients choose consulting firms.

2011 - Launched davidafields.com

Since 2011, David has helped hundreds of small consulting firms like yours—from solo startups to successful boutiques— exceed their goals.


2017 - The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients

The most highly recommended book on building a consulting practice released in over 30 years, The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients shows consultants like you how to close more consulting engagements.

Today - It’s all about you!

Today, David’s looking forward to learning more about YOU!

Email info@davidafields.com or call 203-438-7236 to learn more.


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