A Brief Autobiography of David A. Fields

After nine years in marketing for GlaxoSmithKline, I jumped into consulting with a boutique firm, where I rose to partner. I then co-founded Ascendant Consulting and focused the practice on helping large corporations enter new markets.

Soon thereafter, I created a “general contractor” model in which my role was to win engagements, ensure quality and manage relationships, while subcontracting the lion’s share of the subject-matter expert work.

That transition sparked a deep, ongoing study of how to construct and sell consulting projects for maximum value.

For the record, I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon. (Go plaid!) I’m a hockey fanatic and eat egregious amounts of chocolate.

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A Brief Autobiography of Maria Isabel Rios

Consulting is my passion! I’ve enjoyed 20+ years in consulting (so far), starting with five years at McKinsey & Co. in Spain. After my stint with McKinsey, I moved to sunny South Florida and worked within boutique consulting firms and as a solo consultant. Over the years I developed a deep appreciation of the enormous impact small consulting firms can have on their clients, and the challenges and transitions faced by the consulting firms themselves.

I also have direct experience leading family-owned businesses, have turned around small businesses that are struggling, and understand first-hand the tug-of-war between running a small business and maintaining a healthy, family-centered, lifestyle.

I grew up in Venezuela and am a proud Chemical Engineer from Cornell University (BS, MEng.). I am an avid reader and collector of (mostly) useless tidbits. My kids, orchids and chocolate make me happy without fail!

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