CrackerJack Consulting Podcast with host David A. Fields

This is a stick figure drawing with a header from the main page of The CrackerJack Consulting Podcast, where David Fields, owner of David A Fields Consulting Group, and other boutique consulting firm leaders share lessons with you

In the CrackerJack Consulting Podcast, I interview people who have built successful, boutique firms to find out how they solved the critical challenges that could have stymied their growth.

Every episode includes a prize – sometimes it's a valuable nugget inside the episode itself, and for some episodes I've also created a valuable infographic, worksheet, framework or other tool from the podcast to help your consulting firm make progress.

The podcast is specifically for leaders of boutique consulting firms (i.e., firms roughly $2m – $100m/year); however, if you have a smaller or larger practice, you may still find the episodes interesting and useful.


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